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​​For Immediate Release:

After reviewing this month’s Inside IMCA Racing and conversations with other sanctioning bodies, we would like to publicly state that Harris Auto Racing has never built a chassis that does not conform to the safety rule that the main cage is to be built with a minimum wall thickness of 0.095 inch. Please feel confident that if you were to have purchased a new car or a used car, that all of Harris Auto Racing’s chassis’ meet this requirement. We encourage everyone to have their frames tested by your sanctioning body to make sure we are keeping each other safe.

If you find yourself with another brand of chassis that does not conform to the safety standard set forth, we would like to extend a $1,000 trade in value towards a new Harris chassis to ensure we remove these unsafe chassis from circulation.

We applaud all sanctions taking action to enforce on this matter.

This is a very serious safety matter that should not be over looked. Safety has always been and will continue to be our #1 priority at Harris Auto Racing.

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